Summer Students, Community Outreach and Updates

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By: Jackson Reed –¬†Community Liaison – Summer Student


Hello dearest blog readers! Things have been pretty busy over here at Thinking Rock HQ.

I’d like to update you on Thinking Rock’s summer and the work we have been been doing throughout. First, we moved our office to Queen Street at The Downtown Association and are very excited that we are sharing this space with two other awesome organizations – The Downtown Association and the 4R’s Youth Movement. Both groups are community-minded organizations that share similar values in local business, artists, youth development, change making and other great things.

Thinking Rock at Lumberjack Days in Elliot Lake - July 2015

Secondly, Thinking Rock brought in two student staff members, including myself, for the months of July and August. We have spent time between the office and on the road contributing to the Rivers Speak project as well as coordinating outreach activities at events and festivals throughout the communities of Algoma. We visited Blind River Community Days, Desbarats’ Sustain Algoma Expo and Elliot Lake’s Lumberjack Days and have an upcoming event at Searchmont as Thinking Rock assists the work being done with the YSI Algoma Nest and its work to support young change-makers across Ontario.

Rivers Speak at Sustain Algoma Expo - July 2015

I’d like an opportunity to share a bit about myself as a member of Thinking Rock. I like being active in the music and art community. Through this work, I actively support and take part in organizing concerts at local venues (Loplops, Cafe Natura, 180 Projects) and promoting the Soo creative scene online. I will be starting my first year of school in Toronto this fall.

Emily Jane – Meawasige is a creative, passionate and eccentric high school student residing in Serpent River First Nation. Emily-Jane is currently working with Thinking Rock Community Arts to help promote The Rivers Speaks and other community projects.

I look forward to assisting in the development of the Rivers Speak project with the staff and its projects as an organization.

Thanks, I look forward to sharing more with you soon!