Social Fabric

Social Fabric explores and incorporates a variety of textile- and land-based approaches to artmaking – some unique to, and some common to, Indigenous and Settler traditions. Many of these handwork practices are deeply embedded in our rural communities, and handed down over generations. Through this project, we will learn together about the way things have been made here in Central Algoma across time and open up conversations about the people, cultures, traditions and lands of this place.

Slowing down with textile-based practice instills a reflective pace in the maker, and creates a relationship with the handwork that develops and evolves over time. This echoes the weaving of our lives, and our relationships to each other. It also echoes relationship-building and reconciliation, which are central to Thinking Rock’s work, and similarly require care, mindfulness, reflection and a desire to learn. 

Intergenerational and cross-cultural learning are important to this project, which creates opportunities for local artists, practitioners, knowledge- and skill-holders to pass on traditional skills, collaborating with Thinking Rock’s artistic team to weave these approaches together across cultures into new, truly community-based works. We will work closely with local Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers to ensure that the conveyance of these skills respects, observes and upholds cultural protocols.

As the project progresses, will also gradually weave in popular community art forms, such as installation, puppet-making, music, culinary and performing arts. At the end of each phase of this multi-year project, we will co-create an exhibition and  presentation to share and celebrate what we’ve made together, thank our communities, and invite people into the process. The project will culminate in a multidisciplinary artistic product that will visually and metaphorically reflect the hundreds of stories, methods and makers that informed our multi-year creative process. We will imbue the Social Fabric that we weave together with a truly Algoman relevance, reflexivity and respect.

Stay tuned in the coming months for exciting project updates!
Are you interested in getting involved? Contact Artistic Director, Miranda Bouchard, at for more information!