The Hearth

The Hearth is a safe space for new ideas.

It’s a place where young people who are interested in leading change in Algoma can come to connect to the training, support, resources and peer mentorship needed to create their own community-based projects and startups.

Thinking Rock will assist in these efforts by leveraging our connections to local, provincial, national and international youth organizing networks to support the emergence of this work in the rural and First Nation communities of Algoma.

Partner groups include Social Enterprise Evolution, Catalysts X, the Youth Social Infrastructure Collaborative, and Schools Without Borders.



“Youth Organizing is a type of advocacy that supports youth as active participants in their communities, and is an alternative form of work that focuses on individual and communal needs with an awareness of global issues.”

– Laidlaw Foundation “Youth-Led Community Organizing Impacts and Challenges”


YSI The Nest


What are the impacts of Youth Organizing?

  • Individual Growth
  • Social Impact
  • Changed perception of what is possible
  • Being treated as stakeholders
  • Broadened networks
  • Increased confidence
  • Young people see selves as role models
  • Taking pride in something
  • Locating personal experiences within social contexts
  • Feeling like you matter
  • Access to spaces of exclusion
  • Increased awareness of social & systemic issues
  • Access to new experiences
  • Access to new spaces