About Community Arts

Community Arts is an established, socially-minded approach to art-making that engages ‘non artist’ community members in each step of the creative process, from conception to production, guided by practicing and professional artists to ensure that a high standard of artistic and aesthetic quality is achieved. 




It puts into practice the idea of ‘radical inclusion’ by inviting all community members to participate, ensuring access for people of all ages, abilities, cultures, languages, and artistic persuasions.

Community arts puts as much focus on the creative process as the end product; it provides new ways for people to come together across perceived barriers and social divisions; it allows communities to tell their own stories in their own voices; and it offers access to creative expression and art-making for all.

At Thinking Rock Community Arts, we are using a community arts approach to bring together people from rural and First Nation communities across the North Shore of Lake Huron to tell, celebrate and share the stories of this beautiful area.



Our work aims to connect people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and artistic talents to tell their personal and collective stories through high-quality, fun art projects.

Everyone is welcome!